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Environment Protection and Water Treatment

As China's economy continues to grow, it also faces a growing number of water and environmental issues.

Recognising that environmental protection and ecological restoration are key factors to be considered at the stages of design, planning and construction for sustainability of major infrastructure projects in China, Ranken has ventured into this niche area in the recent years with a growing track record.

Ranken has successfully constructed and completed many iconic city water environmental and landscape projects, which includes the following, among others:

  • Dragon Shaped Water Systems Project in Beijing Olympic Center
  • Funan River Comprehensive Treatment Project in Chengdu
  • Dian Lake Comprehensive Treatment and landscape Project in Kunming
  • Beijing Olympic Park Central Corridor Pavement Project
  • Beijing Olympic Park Southern District Underground Utility Tunnel Project
  • Beijing Olympic Park Southern District Landscape Platform Project
  • Jiuyan Bridge Reconstruction Project in Chengdu
  • Zagunao Hydropower Station Diversion Tunnel Project in Sichuan
  • Emergency Water Supply Buried Culvert of Middle South-to-North Water Diversion
  • Emergency Water Supply Pipe Network of South-to-North Water Diversion in Fangshan District

Reinforcing its commitment and focus in this area, Ranken entered into strategic partnerships in 2017 with major Chinese conglomerates and state-owned enterprises, Beijing Enterprises Water Group (北控水务集团有限公司) and China Railway Investment Group (中铁投资集团有限 公司) to explore long-term projects civil engineering and infrastructure projects relating to environmental conservation and water management.