Corporate Profile

Sapphire Corporation Limited ("Sapphire" or the "Group") is principally engaged in the mining services business and investment holding following its recent plan to exit the steel business. Sapphire now owns 100% in the capital of Mancala Holdings Pty Ltd ("Mancala"), a specialist mining services company based in Australia that provides raised bore, shaft excavation, engineering services and other mining services.

Mancala has a strong track record, having completed more than 100 projects both in Australia and internationally since its incorporation in 1990. It is now operating the largest nickel mine in Son La Province, Vietnam.

The Group is and has also been exploring other investment opportunities, which include expanding its business in the resource sector, diversifying its investment base and embarking on a Merger & Acquisition spree when the opportunities arise.

Sapphire is based in Singapore and has been listed on the Singapore Exchange since 1999. more




Specialist Mining Services

  • Raise bore
  • Shaft excavation
  • Engineering services
  • Other mining services more